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With the pandemic in full swing many businesses have been torn around what to do. Sales have been affected across a vast swathe of industries with some aspects of the Real Estate market severely impacted.

So what to do when times are tough? Well many firms have taken the opportunity to double down on technology and marketing. A policy adopted but our partners over at Akando Real Estate. During Y2020 the Akando team development and launched their new look Thailand wide property portal.

As of date of publication the new Akando portal has over 4,000 listed properties for sales and rentals. A significant amount of these are condo rentals in the Bangkok CBD. PPM continues to support Akando and is looking forward to strong growth as the pandemic tapers off.

Right now all of us from the PPM Management team are hopeful that the current upward trend in Covid cases in the Kingdom of Thailand will begin to slow down in line with the vaccination rollout, allowing some form of normality to return in the next 12 months.

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