Our in-house fully qualified legal team supports our clients for all legal matters, including contract reviews, defect claims, revenue collection notices and court procedures.

We provide 24 hour support property management with our highly qualified and experienced professional Engineering team to all of the buildings we manage. For each new project, we undertake a complete inspection and produce a strategy report detailing the issues and provide cost-effective procedures, split between urgent, medium and long-term requirements to be carried out to ensure everything at the sites are fully operational. We recognize the need to put in place committed procedures for the management of all in-house engineering, and we develop daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans, with each proposal fully vetted by experienced and knowledgeable consultants to ensure the best possible services.

Our promise to our clients is to try and generate the maximum revenue received for their building for the benefit of the coowners by ensuring strict financial control and timely provision of financial data to enable the committees to make efficient management decisions and we employ highly trained, dedicated  managers to try and ensure all financial objectives are met. Our systems are efficient and accurate and we take every possible safeguard to ensure rigorous and accurate reporting is in place at all times.

Our reporting procedures include:
Monthly Summary Report by the 15th of each month, in accordance with Thai law
Accurate Bank Book Cash Flow, in real time, with collections deposited daily to guarantee security
Real-time auditing by VPN (if required)
Formal written report for each committee meeting with updated statistics

Security measures include:
Invoice and receipt revisions are only authorized by PPM’s Head Office, to ensure no hidden costs
We continuously monitor all our employees and we provide THB 100,000 insurance against fraudulent practice

As our buildings contain multi-national owners, PPM Management supports with our in-house translators for all announcements, meeting minutes and accounting and legal documents that may be required.

We put a high focus on professional communciation to the co-owners. We do this through multiple avenues, using apps such as urbanice and LINE@, having monthly newsletters and providing professional annoucements to suit the condominium.


A Harmonious Community is a Happy place to live! We make it our priority to support each condominium in building the community spirit through helping to set up of events such as Halloween, New Years and Summer Parties where possible to allow co-owners and residents to get to know each other, and build harmony.

Our Operations teams manage no more than 10 sites per team and visit each buildings 1-2 times per week. They support the sites with the coordination, quality control, committee and AGM Meetings and the management and emergency procedures when required.

Our procurement department has an extensive vendor list to ensure the provision of quotations from the most qualified and reliable contractors for each project.

Safety is the TOP priority for each site! Our Center Team Engineers are trained in Advanced Fire Safety, and we recommend to our sites to set up AED machines in the buildings and ensure the staff have received first aid training to support. 

With the “new normal” becoming a large part of our daily lives, our IT support team assist the sites with any IT issues, setting up online meetings via ZOOM, Google+ or other avenues and also can assist in backing up and ensuring data safety. 

As a matter of practive we support your building by inspecting and then arranging water saving procedures to help reduce cost and consumption, if not already in place. We also look to install LED lighting into all communal areas and monitor and carry out regular reviews of the water and electricity usage. PPM can also work with subcontractors to install solar panels and EV charging stations if cost effective for the Community are required.

PPM Management maintains strict protocols for COVID-19 management at all of our sites. We focus on proactive measures and do our best to ensure that the areas in our buildings are safe for the residents.

In the case where a condominium has a person infected with a Covid 19 or any other infectious and contageous disease, we will ensure that proper measures for quarantine, clean up management and coordination with hosptials and authorities are strictly followed.

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