Our four Pillars of property Management excellence


Juristic Person Management

We provide fully managed juristic personnel to fulfill key roles within the building management team.


Building Operations & Maintenance

We take care of building engineering and maintenance matters with our fully trained engineers, techinicians, and management staff.


Accounting & Budgetary Support

We support with a range of accounting services, manage budgets and identify cost savings.


Third Party Oversight & Procurement

We engage and procure sub contractors and provide operational oversight of tasks. 


A selection of our ongoing residential building management projects

Existing Buildings Managed by PPM

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Residential Condominiums

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Residential Condominiums

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Our experienced team has what it takes to deliver the services you need

We go the extra mile.

Our team of building management experts take pride in what they do, placing a strong emphasis on doing the right thing by our clients during day to day activities. We value integrity and honesty above all else and our people are selected with this in mind.

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What we stand for as a business

Core Values

Ethics & Integrity: We believe that good business relationships are built upon integrity and a culture of strong business, ethics, behavior which is  encouraged group wide.

Professionalism: Whatever the challenge our personnel are expected to respond in a professional manner that represents our business and secures the reputation of our clients. 

Partnership Longevity: Our long standing business partnerships are crucial to our success. We stand shoulder to shoulder with each of our partners as we grow together.

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Our Goal

As a property management partner we make it our business to manage each and every one of our properties in a way that optimises the potential of the building.

Service Excellence

We promise our clients that our  experienced personnel comply with international service standards and will provide an outstanding level of customer care. 


Our services are always delivered in a transparent, open and honest fashion. We firmly believe that this is the only manner in which to work. 

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A Safe Community is Happy Community.


There are many tasks to be constantly reviewed and assessed daily to ensure the smooth running and professional management of a Residential Condominium Site. However, primary focus and priority must be towards the safety of the residents and co-owners at each site we care for, and we therefore constantly update our protocols to ensure the protection of all residents in our buildings.

Our job as a management company is also to ensure that each of our sites focus on solutions that provide Preventative Maintenance rather than just Corrective Maintenance. To ensure that, we focus on the prevention of the incident or accident rather than just fixing a problem once found. We make sure that each Community enjoys a safe environment for the residents, and staff who work at our sites.

Thailand Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act 2554

The Thailand Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act 2554 provides an overview of the processes and procedure which we should be followed, some of the main points are:

Clause 8: An employer shall administer, manage and execute occupational safety, health and environment matters in conformity with the standards prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations.

How To: (Clause 21-23)

  1. Training and Orientation
  2. Having a manual for each system of the Condominium, both the handbook and emergency plan
  3. Having the safety signage as required and to ensure awareness towards risks.
  4. Safety inspections and corrective measures for weak points when found.
  5. PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – just as important, is ensuring that employees are provided and using the proper PPE when working.

Safety Practices in All our Buildings:

  • At PPM Management we are extremely concerned about the safety of our charges and staff. Two of the directors of PPM Management are certified safety officers (จป. บริหาร) and our Engineers have Advance Fire Safety Certification. This ensures that we have the qualified personnel on standby and ready to support all our sites or assist in every situation. Should they be required to do so.
  • Following the safety practices required by law and put in place by our safety team, PPM Management ensures the following projects are submitted to the committees at each of our sites.
  • Annual Building Inspection
  • Annual Fire Drill and Training
  • Annual PM of all main electrical systems
  • Annual PM of the main water systems
  • As important to inspection is on site training and on top of the annual fire drill, we provide and host special training sessions specific to each of the buildings. Working in cooperation with the Fire Departments of each district, where we hold special fire inspection and escape training and meetings with the Building Management and Sub-contractors on site, to ensure that all our staff are prepared and educated for any eventuality.
  • PPM, we will always put the highest priority on building safety practices and awareness in each of our communities and when possible, we will conduct activities for children and families to bring safety awareness for every eventuality. If you would like any such activities in your condominium, please contact us and we will be happy to support.

A Safe Community is a happy Community. When our customers and employees have the knowledge and assurance that are occupying a safe environment we can ensure a happy and efficiently run home and wokr place for all.

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