A Safe Community is a Happy Community.

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There are always a million tasks that have to be reviewed and assessed daily to ensure the smooth running and professional management of a Residential Condominium. However, one point that should never be ignored is the focus and priority towards the safety of the residents and co-owners in each site we care for.

Our job as a management company is to ensure that each of our sites focus on solutions that provide Preventative Maintenance rather than just Corrective Maintenance. Focusing on the prevention of the incident or accident rather than just fixing the problem once found, can ensure that each Community enjoys a safe environment not only for the residents, but also for the staff working there.

Thailand Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act 2554

The Thailand Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act 2554 provides an overview of the processes and procedures in which we should follow, some of the main points are:

Clause 8: An employer shall administer, manage and execute occupational safety, health and environment matters in conformity with the standards prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations.

How To: (Clause 21-23)

  1. Training and Orientation
  2. Having a manual for each system of the Condominium, both the handbook and emergency plan
  3. Having the safety signage as required and to ensure awareness towards risks.
  4. Safety inspections and corrective measures for weak points when found.
  5. PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – just as important, is ensuring that employees are provided and using the proper PPE when working.

Safety Practices in All our Buildings:

  • We take safety seriously. Two of the directors of PPM Management are certified safety officers (จป. บริหาร) and our Engineers have Advance Fire Safety Certification. This ensures that we have qualified personnel on standby and ready to support on site to assist in each situation.
  • Following the safety practices both required by law and put in place by our safety team, PPM Management ensures the following projects are submitted to the committees in each of our sites.
  • Annual Building Inspection
  • Annual Fire Drill and Training
  • Annual PM of all main electrical systems
  • Annual PM of the main water systems

  • Just as important to inspection is training. On top of the annual fire drill, we regularly host special training sessions specific to the building. Working in cooperation with the Fire Departments of each district, we hold special fire inspection and planning training and meetings with the Building Management and Sub-contractors on site, ensuring that our staff are prepared and educated in each situation.
  • Finally, we will always put a high priority on building safety practices and awareness in each of our communities. When possible, we will conduct activities for children and families to raise and bring fire awareness in each situation. If you would like any such activities in your condominium, please contact us. We’d be happy to support.
  • Ultimately, a Safe Community is a happy one. When our employees, our customers and partners have the knowledge and assurance of a safe environment we can ensure a happier and efficiently run management for everyone.

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